Team Members


David W. Howell, MS, PhD

President and CEO
Dr. Howell is a co-founder of the company and leads all business and commercial activities while overseeing R&D in the lab. He earned a BA in Biology from Texas A&M University, a MS in Neurobiology from UTSA, and a PhD in Medical Science (focused on mechanical and genetic factors of thoracic aortic aneurysm progression) from Texas A&M Health Science Center. He completed his training in Tissue Engineering as a post-doctoral research associate in Dr. Bondos' lab, where he authored 6 papers.

Sarah E. Bondos, PhD

Dr. Bondos, an Associate Professor at Texas A&M Health Science Center, discovered our protein-based materials. She is an editor for the journal Intrinsically Disordered Proteins, has been elected to multiple offices in the Biophysical Society, and has organized several national research meetings. She has won several awards related to her research, including an NSF CAREER Award and a TAMHSC College of Medicine Research Excellence Award.

Kristin A. Howell, CPA

Ms. Howell was an auditor and licensed CPA for KPMG before becoming a Senior Academic Advisor in the Professional Program in the Accounting department at Texas A&M University. She has also taught CPA review courses and served as a volunteer for many community groups.

Kenith Meissner, PhD

Director of Manufacturing and Automation
Dr. Kenith Meissner is a professor and chair at the Centre for NanoHealth at Swansea University, UK. His research combines materials development with expertise in optical system design for biomedical imaging and sensing applications. Dr. Meissner has developed a process to automate our material assembly process and begun optimization of large-scale material production.

Christi Parham, MS, PhD

Director of Research and Development
Dr. Parham has over 20 years of experience in academia and multiple biotechnology companies. She has been awarded 7 SBIR grants, 22 patents, and authored 14 publications. Dr. Parham is an experienced molecular/cellular/microbiologist with an extensive track record in protein expression in both mammalian and bacterial systems.

Jared Mike, PhD

Director of Innovation
Dr. Mike is an experienced polymer and formulations chemist with a diverse research background, encompassing many distinct roles, fields of research, and collaborations. Notably, he has combined his experience in polymer chemistry and electroactive materials with cell biology to lead the development of new materials for biomanufacturing, sensors, and regenerative medicine. Dr. Mike excels at creating innovative approaches to tackle difficult problems.

Rebecca Booth, PhD

Dr. Booth earned a PhD in Genetics in Dr. Bondos' lab and a graduate certificate in Entrepreneurship from Texas A&M University. Dr. Booth is an expert in biomaterials, inventing a new application of our technology during her graduate studies.

Rebecca Skouby

Research Assistant
Rebecca Skouby graduated from Texas A&M University in 2021 with a BS in both Biochemistry and Genetics. In her two years of undergraduate research, Ms. Skouby was entrusted with her own project in which she gained skills in protein expression, protein purification and enzymatic assays. That experience prepared her for her growth as a researcher at Bondwell Technologies.

Katherine Beifuss

Senior Research Associate
Kathy Beifuss is a class of ‘82 graduate of Texas A&M University with a BS in Biochemistry. She has 40 years of experience in several academic labs and biotechnology companies working with mammalian, plant, and bacterial systems. Ms. Beifuss excels in molecular biology techniques and especially enjoys PCR and subcloning.

Amanda Jons, MS, PhD

Dr. Jons earned her PhD in Dr. Bondos’ lab developing design principles for protein biomaterials in next-generation medicine. She has experience in both animal and human sciences establishing protocols for biomaterials testing, drug testing, sensor/device testing, and bioinformatics. She enjoys working hands-on in the lab and combining multiple disciplines to solve problems.

Bryan Frugé

Executive Assistant
Bryan joins us from working in Finance & Administration at Texas A&M's College of Education & Human Development and handles the day-to-day business operations at Bondwell Technologies.

Jenna Gaulden

Laboratory Technician
Jenna Gaulden graduated from Texas A&M University in 2021 with a BS in Biomedical Sciences. Ms. Gaulden assists with day-to-day tasks at Bondwell Technologies, and she enjoys working hands-on in the lab.

Miranda Mire-Criscione

Senior Lab Technician / Business Coordinator II
Mrs. Criscione has a BS in Secondary Education with a minor in Zoology from Louisiana State University. She has worked as a lab assistant in biotechnology laboratories for over 12 years. Mrs. Criscione was integral in constructing a phage library for the treatment of lactic acid bacteria associated with the ethanol industry. In addition to lab work, Mrs. Criscione has over six years of bookkeeping experience and she has assisted in the day to day business activities of several federally funded start-up companies.

Advisory Board


Maik W. Jornitz

CEO of G-Con Manufacturing
Mr. Jornitz has >30 years of experience in bioprocessing, including 25 years at Sartorius Stedim with final position of Senior Vice President, Marketing & Product Management. He is currently Chair of the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) Science Advisory Board, where he trains members of the industry and regulatory authorities. He was recently recognized as one of the top ten global industry influencers. Mr. Jornitz has been awarded 30 patents. In addition to his current role as CEO of G-Con, Maik is the founder and principal consultant of BioProcess Resources.

James Y. Lancaster, MBA

Texas Branch Manager at VIC TVD and CEO for Solenic Medical & Tesseract Structural Innovations
Mr. Lancaster is the CEO of Solenic Medical, a medical device company developing an innovative non-invasive treatment for infected metallic implants in the body. Mr. Lancaster is a seasoned entrepreneur and business development executive with 30 years of experience across multiple industries. He was most recently the Founder and Managing Director of the Innovate Family of Companies with client technologies including a variety of software, innovative materials, internet-of-things, robotics, autonomous vehicles, drone technologies, medical device, biological control, and waste recycling technologies. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he worked for Deloitte Consulting in Dallas with Fortune 500 and held other executive positions in business software and services, medical technologies, and IT solutions.

Garrett Blundell, DDS, MD

Maxiofacial Surgeon and CEO for Sympliact
Dr. Blundell is an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon in Bryan-College Station, Texas. He has also operated as a founding and managing member of two start-up companies - HEXA Containment and Sympliact. HEXA Containment is a manufacturing and service company primarily targeting a niche in the industrial and energy services markets and Sympliact is a software and technology development company targeting the healthcare market.

Peggy Whitson, PhD

Retired NASA Astronaut and Biochemist
Dr. Whitson is an accomplished astronaut and biochemist with a long list of notable experiences and awards. Highlights include first female Commander on the International Space Station and Chief of the Astronaut Office. Dr. Whitson accrued a total cumulative time in space of 665 days, a current record for any US astronaut and a record for women worldwide. She has performed over 300 scientific investigations aboard the International Space Station and authored 46 peer reviewed journal articles.
Additional Advisors: We are fortunate to have the support of a large group of experts in entrepreneurship and biotechnology commercialization who believe in this technology. Several of these highly successful individuals have become “smart money” investors and also act as personal mentors.